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Being tongue tied was certainly something she could understand, especially around women. Though, she was self aware enough to know it was exacerbated more when she was particularly attracted to them. Thankfully her career had made her much better at "faking it until you make it", in regards to social interactions in general. Which she hoped she was also doing a fine job of now, considering dropping into his work place to bother was making her slightly more self conscious than she had expected. Though, at least he didn't seem to mind. Or perhaps the bohemian style, that truthfully she rather thought made him seem more of a calming, approachable presence, just masked any annoyance. At the offer of tea, she relaxed a little more - a small laugh escaping her throat as she nodded. "I appreciate the exception. Some tea sounds wonderful." She didn't think she'd ever had the flavor he'd named, but she wasn't picky.

And if his employees had not made the runs yet, thankfully the tin she'd brought as a gift held just what they'd been supposed to grab. Which she now laid on the counter and pushed towards him, "this was for you as well. A thank you gift, of sorts. For you and the other proprietors all being so welcoming." It was unnerving to start your own business, even more so somewhere you hadn't been. They'd made the transition smooth, despite all the calamities that had befallen her poor little storefront already.

An eyebrow raised at his admission, her lips still pulled upward into a smile. "That is genius. Though I imagine it's maybe not just for business sake? Are you an artist as well?" People with artistic talent were the ones who most got jealousy from her. The ability to create things from nothing (or junk, in some cases) was truly impressive. With another laugh, Ece opened her beaded coin purse and pulled out the requested amount and slid it across the counter to him. "Thank you, sir!"

It was so odd to her that September itself was so busy, though that was just the naivety of not having her own children to miss throughout the year. "I also would have thought it would be the months following December that would be the busiest, as parents would have more time to miss their kids." But maybe when you had a child, you just biologically missed it once it was out of your site. At the mention of her current calamity, she smiled ruefully and raised her slim shoulders in a shrug. ''I appreciate everyone's kindness and well wishes, but it's alright - it couldn't be helped. I'm just glad it was my shop and not somewhere already open." Truly, the infestation just gave her time to be even more intentional with her interior, hiring and opening plans. "And thankfully it was only Nesting Occamy. Bundimun can be so nasty I'm just glad it didn't spread any further."

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