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Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post

The insect problem was really the insect's on fault. No need for anyone to concern themselves with the situation. Maybe next time the insect will think twice about their disruptive and insufferable behavior.

Valerie was not optimistic, but at least she had her wand to remedy the next situation that would inevitably arise.

If this customer said 'wifey' one more time she may be tempted to accidentally drop the jar as a necessary distraction. Between cleaning up glass and catching the roach, there was plenty to cease this customer interaction and pass it along to one of the other part-timers who actually enjoyed speaking face to face with customers. Before she could ask, again, about the two women's skill levels, this...person...was trying to get a little more personable with her and she would much rather focus on the plants. "That may be so," she replied somewhat gruffly while casting a glance over towards flora best geared towards the indoors. "For indoor options, I suggest Dracaena trifasciata, known colloquially as a snake plant, or Spathiphyllum, which you may know as a peace lily. Both are forgiving in terms of care as well as boosting oxygen levels in your home and purifying the air."

She would revisit the outdoor plant option in a moment - something that apparently needed to have a certain aesthetic for photography reasons. Which made her thoughts wander to Jerry and which plant he would select and it was a train of thought she quickly wished to get off of.

Yes, well…

‘Wifey’ happened to be quite an active word in Jeremy’s vocabulary. It was a term of endearment he used even when addressing Aurora. Hence, it was common that the nickname was reverted to even when he was speaking to others about his pretty lady.

“Both sound lovely.” The Spathiphyllum more than the other, actually. “By forgiving,’’ he continued, eyeing the woman as his brain still raced to place her. “You mean that should we forget to give it water, it would still thrive to an extent?” Please help a man figure things out. “The wifey can be forgetful at times… so uh huh. If that’s the case with the Spathiphyllum, then I think I’d like to have that one, thanks.”

Was she now brainstorming about some suggestions for his sister dearest? Jer would not break her focus then.

Until he did.

“You went to Ilvermorny!”
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