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Originally Posted by Kolyander View Post
Keighley was always up for anything that involved spending some time with her big brother. That included building blanket/pillow forts.

Okay, but like seriously.. she totally wanted in on this tradition! Any children that Jude was to take under his wing and raise, she wanted to be right there helping him. She was more than ready and waiting for it even if she knew this wouldn't take place for quite so time yet. Jude's response earned a bright smile from her.

Oh, yes. Revenge had happened. Keigh knew from the second that the pillow had left her hands however, Jude was going to block it. It had been very clear that she was going to throw it his way, after all she had picked up two. Why else would she have done that?

The pillow flying her way, not very well either thanks to all the laughter, was easily knocked out of the way with the pillow in her hands. Joining in on the laughter, the blonde tossed the pillow she was holding at Jude. This toss was probably not much better than his had been.

Keigh was always more than welcome to join his little traditions! As a matter of fact, all three of his siblings could join in! It went without saying that he’d take whatever and however Keigh wanted to help with those kiddos. Concerts and whatnot would take up a hefty chunk of his time but the boy was confident he would manage to put a balance into those aspects of his life when the time came.

For now, it was just him and his favourite sibling and a couple of really, REALLY brightly coloured pillows.

“Missed!” Jude announced gleefully, as he staggered away from the toss that went wide of him anyway. And because he was laughing so much, and because the mirth was seemingly weakening his ability to function properly, the seventh year tripped quite suddenly. “WOAH!!’’ There was flailing, where in that moment, he sobered up. A picture of him horribly mangling himself flashed before his eyes. Yet he need not panic for he faceplanted right into a bunch of pillows.
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