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Eleven year old Hunter Dawson gaped at the vastness, the beauty and the great glass ceiling the moment he stepped into the Conservatory. With the Dawson family being enormous, there had been many a tale little Hunter had heard about Ilvermorny. Tales about adventures from his mommy and daddy, aunties, uncles and numerous cousins - the most famous being about the IMPS Competition. But not even his wild imagination had done justice to picture what his experience would be like in this majestic School.

Once he was done {somewhat} gaping at the immediate surroundings, Hunter tried to focus on determining his next course of action. Then it hit him: obviously he would explore everything! The brick floor reminded him of the yellow brick road from the Wizard of Oz movies - the original still remained his favourite. Hunterís feet decidedly began taking him along on the journey.

Where would he come across first?
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