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Originally Posted by emjay View Post
Wiley still hadn't found the fruit bowl painting yet so he was surprised when he was approached by a girl his age asking if he was hungry. "Huh?" Why yes he was hungry, which was why he was looking for the kitchens, and he was just about to answer her when she reached past him.

He turned to look. "Oh! Is that the painting?" Wiley stared at for a moment. How had he missed it? But he was pretty sure that was the painting that was the entrance for the kitchens. And now he needed to make a mental note and remember which corridor it was to be sure that he remembered which one it was.

"Which fruit did you tickle?"
he asked the girl, thinking that was what she had tried to do, unaware that she was trying to pull a piece of fruit out of the painting. "I can't remember which one it's supposed to be." And maybe she didn't know either since whichever one she did seemed to be the wrong one. Maybe they could figure it out together.
Still disappointed and embarrassed just a bit. She really did think that she was just going to puck a fruit off of a painting to eat. Though now she was a little confused. The way he said ‘the painting’ made it sound like it was a special painting. Meaningful or important even. Maybe.

With that thought she smiled proudly. Whatever the reason why this was the painting she had found it. ”I dunno. Is there another painting of some kind of food, somewhere else?” Were there others hanging around that she hadn’t seen yet? She hadn’t noticed any others. Her eyes wandered down the corridor one way then the other. She didn’t see another good painting anywhere near by.

[I]HUH?!?![/B] He just asked her which fruit she tickled. ” I didn’t tickle any fruit.” She blinked at him even more confused than before. Maybe he didn’t see her actually try to pull the banana off the painting. ”What’s so special about it? What does it do?”
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