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The hovering and dripping worked and while it was not precisely relief she felt as he greeted her, there was a certain similar sentiment woven in amongst the other sensations.

"Ohayo," she replied with a small polite bow from the waist. Gryffindors were stereotyped as being reckless thrill seekers, but Mitsuki hardly believed in such things. Only the closed minded would presume that people under the lion crest were heedless bouncy balls. In fact, she had evidence that such sorts existed in Hufflepuff. Not to mention the stereotype that Slytherins equated evil. Eiji was not evil. Though if he were it would be amusing that his heart was so enraptured with an auror. It was the content of poorly written romance novels, not that she had any experience in reading such things. She simply overheard others speaking to them in the common room from time to time. All this to say that she did not see Yumeki as the sort to seek thrills by endangering himself physically on purpose. Surely it was in dreams that he experienced such wonders - why else would he adore sleep so much? Other than the physical exhaustion that came from his kendo training. That she also could not ignore as a possibility.

"I was pulled into the lake," she explained as she looked down at herself. "I was fishing for grindylows," she elaborated while giving her skirt a twist here and there along the hem to rid herself of a little more water.

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