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Originally Posted by SarcasticStrawberry View Post
Thankfully so far most of the plants that she needed were there, a few weren't. Maybe the shopkeeper could help her out with the missing ones. Though the ones that were currently available was a great start to her business venture. Now if she could find a few new house plants she would be good to go.

Before she could move to the next set of plants she heard her name. She had expected it at some point, being back in London. Some old schoolmates never left this place. Not expecting running into someone already she turned around with a sassy smile. And her mouth dropped. ”Patrick.” Her eyes widened, she couldn’t believe it. Patrick Dooley was her first and only Hogwarts crush. She blushed slightly.

”Wow… umm… how are you?” It was like she was that teenage girl again, always trying to get his attention. But dang she thought he was so hot back then but now, now he was handsome. Like wow. She couldn’t help but to look him up and down. By now she was in a full out blush. Oh goodness.
He smiled and stepped a bit closer taking in the girl who he had very vividly remembered during school. If he remembered correctly she had been a slight shadow when he was there, but wow he was dumbstruck by her beauty. He did not remember her being as gorgeous as she looked, and Merlin if she didn't look even better holding plants. Wow nerd a-lert.

Feeling heat creep up his neck and into his cheeks he smiled, "Not too bad, I'm uh, over at the ministry now." He was so shocked to see her, he hadn't been running into many people from his Hogwarts days lately, but he blamed that on working so much. "How are you? I haven't seen you in forever."
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