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Originally Posted by emjay View Post
Wiley had been super excited to have been sorted into Hufflepuff. It was in his top two houses and it was his dad's house! His dad told him lots of stuff about Hufflepuff and he was trying to figure out if they were all true. Or at least as much as he could remember him telling him. Some of the stuff went in one ear and out the other. His mum had told him plenty too. But the thing he was most interested in today was the kitchens.

He knew the house elves here were great at making all kinds of delicious food and he heard that if you got into the kitchen, they would make you anything you wanted! He wanted to try that out today. But first... Dad said something about a painting of fruit and tickling one of the pieces.. So.. where exactly was that? Wiley wandered down a corridor close to his common room, hoping it was the right one.
Maisey had finally gotten to the point where she was pretty confident in getting herself around the castle without getting lost. Now she could walk around and take in everything around her. The statues on the upper floors were very interesting, also she could talk to the portraits on the staircase and corridors. How cool was that? Her brothers and sisters would be so jealous but also they would love it here. She frowned to herself knowing that she probably would never get to really share this part of her life with her siblings.


Where was that fruit bowl painting? She seen it the other day. She just passed it and didn’t get a chance to really look at it. Someone was standing there in front of it reaching for the pear. Which was bizarre to her. Maybe they were reaching up to take one to eat? This was a magical school, where she was pretty sure anything could happen. So why not a fruit bowl painting that you can take a piece and to eat. Finally after wandering around she found the painting, someone was there again. With a grin ”Are you hungry too?” She walked up to the boy Wiley? If she remembered right. She reached up to take a banana.

Ohhhh that definitely wasn’t the kind of painting she thought it was. She jerked her hand back, took a step back embarrassed and put her arms behind her back.
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