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Originally Posted by Uncle Moose View Post
It had been a long day of classes already at the start of term. Wanting to get what little sunlight would be left of the day Yumeki spent it on the Grounds finding a few nice trees he could rest under or read some of the books that his Great-Grandmother sent with him to study up on astrology. He even waded ankle deep in the lake for a bit.

So with his pants still rolled up a bit and his shoes back on his feet the 16-year-old stopped on the Wooden Bridge. The sun hadn't set just yet and he thought it would be nice to watch it go down. So he sat up on the side of the bridge and looked out for a while...and then a little while longer.

He got bored. And his eyes slowly shut as he start to fall asleep. So he turned around his head bobbing up and down from the drowsiness he was feeing. Maybe he could sleep right here up on the side of the bridge like this. What harm would that be? Yumeki had excellent balance...
Upon spending a fruitless afternoon of grindylow fishing around the boathouse with a tin of sardines she had brought with her from home, Mitsuki made her way back towards the castle by taking a more scenic route since that was the way the wind blew her. It was probably for the best since she had, in fact, caught something during her fishing attempts...just not a grindylow. Her line tangled up around a rock and some of the aquatic plants in the lake, Mitsuki had tugged herself right off and into the water which still dripped freely from her soaked robes and sloshed around in her shoes. At least a majority of the mud had shaken itself off during her journey, though some clumps remained in her hair and smeared across her cheek.

It was during her trudge that she happened upon Yumeki-senpai and she briefly lamented that she did not have her art supplies with her in order to capture this particular sleeping figure. It was a new position to find himself in and the way the sunlight framed him was quite the aesthetic. Perhaps she could remember and paint it from memory later once she had cleaned up.

There was concern that he might nod a bit too much to one side and fall, though she would prefer he do so forward rather than backwards. She could possibly fix a broken nose but the alternative was much less promising. There was also the dilemma that she never had disturbed him during his moments of transcending the waking world and into the next realm...and it still felt uncomfortable doing so now. She would just stand nice and close this time, hover in a more pronounced manner rather than at a distance.

The water dripping from her hair and limps on to his trousers may have to do them both a favor given the circumstances.

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