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SPOILER!!: Poor Sailor and his ears :')
Originally Posted by Kimothy View Post
For the record, Sailor hated the squeaking. Once was enough and tolerable, but the consistent sound that came with each of her strides could have very much made his ears bleed. It almost gave similar vibes as nails on a chalkboard, though his sense were certainly exaggerating the situation. But he disliked it so much, it made controlling his scowl challenging. He continued to stare at Vera, forced deadpan from all the sound she was making, in hopes of her picking up her pace so that the squeaking would end.

Also for the record, he lived to see people roll their eyes so maybe all the squeaking was worth it and justified now. "You would swim in the slug pit but not here?" Interesting information. Sailor tucked that bit of newly-acquired data somewhere deep in his brain. It could be useful for some kind of unique situation eventually. "Shame. Mud baths have skin benefits." So he read somewhere during one of his bursts of fixations on very particular interests.

Her question, Sailor did not dignify with an specific answer so he just looked at her again. "I'm allowed to be here," was all she got, and a smile. And because it was true that he was allowed to be here, just like she was. "I am far more concerned about your outfit though. I'm assuming you're going in there. What are you looking for?" It didn't take a fashion aficionado to see that her clothes were mismatched.

Ohhh how she wished she would have known the squeaks bothered him. She could have done an entire dance along the corridor JUST for his benefit. She was quite certain it would have brought them both a lot of joy. Or maybe just her, but at 13 she had not fully outgrown her narcissistic tendencies. Perhaps one day. Hopefully. But he had a very carefully curated mask, as she didn't detect anything from his deadpan expression and was soon at the edge - a blissful silence from the noise of her galoshes.

It would have come as a surprise to her too that they had any traits that complimented each other, as rolling her eyes was Vera's very favorite thing to do. She couldn't remember the last time she had a conversation with Vasco or any of his friends were green eyes were not dramatically doing circles within her eye sockets. She should have trademarked it by now. "I would. You say that like it's odd." And she WOULD have then took the time to educate him on how slug slime or mucus or... whatever it was, was good for the skin except she was taken aback by his comment of almost the same nature. "Wait... MUD is supposed to be good for the skin? That sounds so silly. Where would you have heard that?" Though a nagging part of her brain said he WAS the Ravenclaw and was probably more knowledgeable... though she did her best to not show she was doubting her previous information.

An eyebrow raised at his non-answer answer, but she was MORE distracted by the fact Sailor Zhang just smiled. "Oh! You can do that too?" She smirked teasingly at him, before once again having to concentrate particularly hard to keep her face passive at his words. Outfits were a sore spot for her of the late, and while she liked the opportunity to tease and jest with someone... she was not particularly pleased someone saw her in this current monstrosity. BUT it was a necessary evil, which she was soon reminded of. "Ah, yes! My bracelet fell off early and into the muck. I'm wearing all this," she gestured at her clothes, "is so that I can fish around and find it. Care to help me?"

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