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Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post
Who woke up early on a Sunday?

Jude Anders on rare occasions did. Today happened to be one of those days. He had tried to linger a little longer in the Hufflepuff Common Room but about an hour later, his stomach started to talk which indicated he needed food. Luckily, the elves had put out their spread by the time he got there. Two slices of toast and some scrambled eggs now sat on a plate before him, a tall glass of orange beside it. In his right hand, he held a forkful of eggs and in his left, a pen. Jude was frowning over the notebook over which the pen hovered.

Just exactly what he was doing?

Trying to come up with some lyrics for the latest song he and his brother had discussed.
Yukie was an absolute morning person, and that certainly did not come as a surprise to anyone who knew her. There were many things to like about mornings—the colours of the sky at sunrise, the ease of being the first one awake, the sounds of birds tweeting and taking flight, the smell of breakfast. Speaking of breakfast, it was Yukie's favourite meal and so she was always happy to her way to the Great Hall every morning...Sundays included!

She had expected to see not a lot of people in the hall today, because of course the others were likely sleeping in for the weekend. Even the professors needed their beauty sleep, okay! It made sense, yes, but nothing was to get between Yukie and her breakfast. She always needed to start the day right if she was going to have a good day ahead.

After pouring herself a bowl of cereal and milk, Yukie sat alone, but that didn't last long as she saw a familiar face nearby. With a frown and a notebook! Is that homework? Yukie would never do homework this early on a Sunday. The fourth year carefully slid through the long bench of her house table until she stopped on the space opposite Jude. "That's no way to start the day. No frowning," she said, smiling and placing her bowl down in front of her.
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