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Wiley had been super excited to have been sorted into Hufflepuff. It was in his top two houses and it was his dad's house! His dad told him lots of stuff about Hufflepuff and he was trying to figure out if they were all true. Or at least as much as he could remember him telling him. Some of the stuff went in one ear and out the other. His mum had told him plenty too. But the thing he was most interested in today was the kitchens.

He knew the house elves here were great at making all kinds of delicious food and he heard that if you got into the kitchen, they would make you anything you wanted! He wanted to try that out today. But first... Dad said something about a painting of fruit and tickling one of the pieces.. So.. where exactly was that? Wiley wandered down a corridor close to his common room, hoping it was the right one.
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