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Originally Posted by Kolyander View Post
Keighley wasn't at all surprised that Jude hadn't asked the room to create a blanket/pillow fort for them. Building one on their own had been something she had done with her big brother for as long as she could remember. Together they would build the biggest, bestest, softest fort and then snuggle down inside of it together while munching on snacks and talking for hours and hours on end. It was by far one of her most favorite things to do together still and definitely one of her most cherished memories for the two of them.

Having followed her most favorite Hufflepuff all the way to the Room of Requirement, her own arms laden down with drinks and various other things they would need, she was more than happy to set it all down. "We always have a blast when we do this." Keigh laughed softly. "Ready!" The blonde declared excitedly, having just set down everything in her arms and turning back around to face Jude just in time to get hit in the side of the head with a bright hot pink pillow. "Juuuuuuuuuude!, there was a audible gasp of surprise from her that was quickly overshadowed by even more laughter.

There was noway she was going to let him get away with that! Quickly bending down to grab the pillow he had thrown at her, she also grabbed one more, a heart shaped tie-dye one. The form one being tossed back at Jude while she kept hold of the other.. in case she was to need it.

The fun was already starting!

Jude and Keighley were always prepared for fort-building, weren’t they?

It was actually an activity Jude took very seriously and planned to make this a tradition with all the kids he planned to adopt in the future. How could he not, when this was SO MUCH FUN?! “That’s true!’’ That response was full of indefinite enthusiasm. In addition to fort-building, just chilling with Keigh was one of his most favourite things in the world.

The older Anders started to laugh the moment the pillow hit the younger one. Of course he knew there was no pain involved, especially when Keigh had already gone into revenge mode after getting over her initial surprise.

Uh oh.

She had grabbed two! Jude laughed and shielded his face reflexively, the pillow bouncing off his palms. Before long, another had been grabbed and he threw it, though it wasn’t a really good throw since he was busy laughing.

He was a very happy Jude today for no particular reason.
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