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Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post

Help. Jeremy needed help.

Cleary plants were still not his forte, and had always picked up roses for Aurora. Sunflowers had been his go-to for Samara but he figured it was time he changed it up. Surely his wifey and sister were absolutely bored by his choices by now?

Jer squinted in every direction, looking for someone who perhaps worked at the shop; it hadnt even dawned on him just how comfortably he had adjusted to the scent of the place already. Oddly enough, he felt more calm and felt less urge to scramble around getting things done as was his daily habit. Anyway. There was a woman with some whatever those bushes were called. Jer bustled over, asking himself in the process why she looked so familiar. Where was it that he knew her from? Was it traveling for work? University?

Hi! Jer offered her a smile but tried not to stare as he worked his brain into overdrive trying to place her face. I was wondering if you might be able to offer any suggestions. Id like to have a plant each for my sister and wifey but Im quite unsure of what to choose.
Originally Posted by Charely Potter View Post

This. is. Unfair. This. is. Cheating!

Though to be fair, Curtis was warned quite extensively about his helpful behavior. Smiling in her face, insisting on trimming the branches and such, most importantly, invading her space to do such helpful tasks. He was a good little Clerk and the best employee. Well, that was his version of the story of events. If only he could see, instead he could feel himself be jumbled about in a case that hit him on all sides.

Let me out!

What could be thought of as screaming would fall upon unknown ears, for the language his new little antennas could only make little scratching noises.. if one's ears were strong enough to hear. Ahem. For he was in a dark but safe place, for now, as time out. Carry on beauties.

Call her beauty to her face and she may just very well forget to release you from your mason jar next time, Curtis. No doubt there would be a next time.

Attention cast steadily ahead, Valerie began to poke at the soil in the various pots before her to check and see if they had been properly watered as instructed (they had not) and gave her wand a flick to summon the watering can off to the side already filled with water and topped off with just the right amount of apple cider vinegar and sugar to give these flutterby bushes the boost they needed to endure the inexperienced hands that fell upon them here in the shop. Moving a few of the pots aside to make room for the new arrivals while the watering can glided about showering each plant in turn, she managed to withhold the groan that yearned to be released when the customer spoke to her.

And said that hideous word aloud.

Pet names of any sort were horrendous as far as she was concerned.

"That would depend entirely on the caliber of there herbology skills and experience," she replied rather dryly though with some effort to put on a sort of customer service voice. It was usually for the best that her expression remain in its resting disenchanted scowl and pout rather than she attempt to smile - she was known to make children cry when she attempted. "...and where they are intended to be housed."

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