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Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post

Entirely too efficient a businessman to require assistance in shop, ZachaŽl had finally shed some of his social hurtles over the years to make for good company. Though his confidence would wane on occasion around certain sorts, Sophia had nonetheless seen to it that he was well adapted. Though, perhaps, there was something he could receive assistance on...should he unearth some of the complicated subjects that had his heart in a twist. The good sort of complicated but still the sort to put him in a proper twist.

Each summer only made the entanglements more and more prominent.

A subject that was mostly in the back of his mind as he appeared from the storeroom with a box of stationary he had just finished pressing and packaging in hand. "Ah, Ece," the former snake greeted. He could call her Ece, yes? "Post cards today? That entire display is Owl Post exclusives. I personally recommend the Diagon Alley watercolor series. Each hand made right here in shop once the artwork is received from the artist, a charming and delightful woman who works at the Scamander Zoo."
While her browsing had simply been meant to be a passing of the time, she found herself more and more engrossed with admiring the artwork of the cards - and before she knew it, she had carefully selected four and pulled them from their slots for purchase. Kelya was really the only reciepent of anything she ever sent, but a small stock meant that perhaps she would be a better sister and send correspondence monthly instead of just... whenever she happened to have the thought.

Or perhaps it would just simply remain good intentions and she could hang them up around her apartment as artwork instead. Hearing the Postmaster's voice, Ece's head turned and she offered a smile. "Hi Zachael." She was absolutely fine with him using her first name, and she certainly hoped her doing the same was of no offense. "I actually was just popping in to say a hello, but the beautiful display certainly caught my eye. How did you connect with such a talent?" She loved local treasures such as this, and the news it was such had her selecting a few others. Perhaps now she could both send AND display on her walls for her own enjoyment. "I think I will get this if I can trouble you for a moment to ring them up." She smiled at him, placing them on the counter in front of him and pulling out her own coin purse from her pocket.

"How is the summer season treating you thus far? Busy as ever?"

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