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Of course, Jude could have just told the room he wanted a ready made pillow fort. But WHERE was the fun in that? In any case, blanket and pillow forts were his thing and Jude loved building them! Doing so with his baby sister was one of his favourite activities. His arms loaded with an assortment of snacks, the seventh year strolled into the Room, his gaze taking in all the brightly coloured and various shapes of pillows the room had so graciously provided. There were some fluffy-looking blankets too!

“This is going to be a blast!’’ Jude announced to Keighley, carefully depositing their food on a nearby table. He was itching to get the ball rolling! “Ready to get started?” Even as he asked this, the boy had already grabbed a hot pink pillow. But rather than start building the fort, he tossed it playfully at Keighley.
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