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In typical Bryony fashion a glare had been sent Logan's way for his comment too. Ugh! This family of hers was something else. Getting all up on her case when it wasn't even her fault! If anyone at all should be getting blamed right now, it should've been Beans for laying in the middle of a doorway. Not her. This was normal though, always being picked on for being the smallest, the youngest or whatever else anyone could come up with at the moment. They all seemed to have forgotten that she was one to get even. So sad that they let it slip their minds while being away at school.

Keeping quite, the nine year old stood her ground remaining where she was standing. They wanted to be mean to her, she would remember it. Right now though, there was a party to get started and she wasn't going to ruin it for their mum. She knew exactly what she was doing as she plastered the biggest brightest smile onto her face, clasped her hands behind her back and bounced on her toes as she stared at the front door waiting for it to open.

Hady wasn't by any means suspecting anything huge to happen today but she knew something was up the moment she realized Frankie had taken the entire day off work. That in itself was a little strange. As was the two of them going out to lunch on their own and leaving the children at home? What was that all about? It was a little questionable since it wasn't something they did all that often, particularly where their youngest was concerned. Mainly being because Bry could be such a handful if she decided she wasn't happy about something. However this mama didn't question it at all, not even once.

If she was being completely honest with her, she was very much enjoying the few hours out alone with her husband. There hadn't been any rush when it came to eating nor shopping. She had taken her time with that, getting a few things that were going to be needed for the summer as well as for the kids and herself when the new Hogwarts term began again in a few weeks time.

Upon arriving back home, Hady cast a glance Frankie's way in curiosity when he announced their return rather loudly. Yup, something was definitely going on. She was sure of it. Yet she still said nothing at all. Not even when asked to close her eyes and she spotted that clear smirk on Frankie's face. "Alright, for you I'll close my eyes. Don't let me walk into anything," she teased, slipping her hand into his as she shut her eyes. Lead the way.
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