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Damian Pendragon

"Ah." Damian breathed, taking a moment before speaking again. "I don't know much about alchemy." His greatest alchemical feat was turning hot water into tea. "But I am well versed in the dark night of the soul. "

Looking to Jane, and back to the garden, he continued. "The Death Chamber isn't just about physical death. It's about ego death. That transformative state that lies between our respective realms of expertise." It probably wasn't something she didn't already know, but it was something unspeakables didn't speak about openly.

Fidgeting with one of his scarab beetle cufflinks, Damian watched as the couple pushed their baby in its pram. "Our line of work isn't very conductive to family life. You ever think about it?" Leaning back on the bench, his foot tapped rhythmically.
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