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SPOILER!!: Valerie, who was quite the champ during IMPS <3
Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post

Valerie was in a mood.

To be fair, she was always in a mood and not because of some technicality in which a person always felt something. Valerie Gray was perpetually in a sour to foul mood. If anything, today was amplified thanks to one (if not the most) insufferable of co-workers. The former Wampus had, however, temporarily rectified the situation and so as to not repeat previous missteps was keeping the jar containing a single cockroach on her person - in the pocket of her brown apron with a sunflower shaped pocket and with sufficient air holes punched into the lid. That was not to say she was smiling, a smile was truly a rare occurrence for the pale violet eyed woman, but she was slightly less irritated. Just do not utter the word 'wifey' aloud and she would likely remain a frosty neutral.

There was a reason her position in Noltie's had been shifted to plant wrangler, after all.

A crate of young flutterby bushes levitating along side her, Valerie noted the man as he perused the shop's offerings but opted not to disturb his thought process. She was just here to deal with the flora unless otherwise prompted.

Help. Jeremy needed help.

Cleary plants were still not his forte, and had always picked up roses for Aurora. Sunflowers had been his go-to for Samara but he figured it was time he changed it up. Surely his wifey and sister were absolutely bored by his choices by now?

Jer squinted in every direction, looking for someone who perhaps worked at the shop; it hadnt even dawned on him just how comfortably he had adjusted to the scent of the place already. Oddly enough, he felt more calm and felt less urge to scramble around getting things done as was his daily habit. Anyway. There was a woman with some whatever those bushes were called. Jer bustled over, asking himself in the process why she looked so familiar. Where was it that he knew her from? Was it traveling for work? University?

Hi! Jer offered her a smile but tried not to stare as he worked his brain into overdrive trying to place her face. I was wondering if you might be able to offer any suggestions. Id like to have a plant each for my sister and wifey but Im quite unsure of what to choose.
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