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Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post
Working as an Astronomer in the good ole USA certainly had its perks. However, it seemed that Jeremy Elijah Dawson was having a midlife crisis regarding potential job opportunities. He had made the trip {thank you, Apparition} to the United Kingdom for a few job interviews, which he thought went rather well. Should he be successful, did he want to move here? Did he really want to leave his twin sister and extended family behind? Would his wife and three children want to? Or perhaps Apparition would continue to be the biggest help in commuting. Those thoughts would have to be dealt with later for a glance at his watch told him that he was running late on returning home. How had he lost track of the time?

Before departing from the UK, Jer wanted to take a few presents back for the wifey and for the sister. Plants made great gifts, yes? Noltie's Botanical Novelties had caught his eyes; how could the shop not when it reminded him somewhat of a forest with all that greenery. The temperature indoors was certainly something but the smells? Jer was immediately attracted to the heavy soil-y scent that loomed.

As for the abundance of flora here?

How was a man to choose which to purchase?
Valerie was in a mood.

To be fair, she was always in a mood and not because of some technicality in which a person always felt something. Valerie Gray was perpetually in a sour to foul mood. If anything, today was amplified thanks to one (if not the most) insufferable of co-workers. The former Wampus had, however, temporarily rectified the situation and so as to not repeat previous missteps was keeping the jar containing a single cockroach on her person - in the pocket of her brown apron with a sunflower shaped pocket and with sufficient air holes punched into the lid. That was not to say she was smiling, a smile was truly a rare occurrence for the pale violet eyed woman, but she was slightly less irritated. Just do not utter the word 'wifey' aloud and she would likely remain a frosty neutral.

There was a reason her position in Noltie's had been shifted to plant wrangler, after all.

A crate of young flutterby bushes levitating along side her, Valerie noted the man as he perused the shop's offerings but opted not to disturb his thought process. She was just here to deal with the flora unless otherwise prompted.

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