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Default Room of Requirement

Found on the seventh floor is a secret room known as the Room of Requirement or the Come and Go Room. This particular room is famous for transforming itself into whatever the witch or wizard that finds it needs at that moment in time. While many may have heard of this room, properly finding it is no easy task. Most come across it without even knowing during moments of great need and are unable to find it again.

However, those that are attentive to detail will remember that the hidden entrance to this enchanted room can be found opposite of the tapestry of Barnabas the Barmy. Simply locate this depiction of a man attempting to teach trolls in pink tutus how to do the ballet and walk past it three times, clearly thinking about what you need. After a few moments, a door will appear and allow you entrance inside whatever room you desire at that moment in time. Just keep in mind that the room has its limitations -- you, unfortunately, won't be finding any food in here.