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Default Stone Bridge

You will find at the end of the corridor on the first floor is a door that will reveal the Stone Bridge when opened. While it may seem like an odd place for a bridge, do note that it provides easy access to the next tower nearby and makes moving around the castle significantly easier. One will need to use this structure to get to Defence Against the Dark Arts, unless, of course, you are departing from there and need to get to the moving staircases.

It is not uncommon for this bridge to be a meeting place for students because of its prime location in between towers. It also provides a nice view of the viaduct and part of the lake down below. During the fall and spring seasons, this small bridge is a pleasant place to pause for a bit of fresh air before heading back indoors to fill your brain with more information. Though it is is a different matter entirely when it is winter, which is why you will be advised to wear your thicker robes and a scarf when trekking across this bridge in spite of the torches that are lit along the way.
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