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Once you've tickled the pear and turned the knob, the Hogwarts kitchen will be revealed to you. Located directly beneath the Great Hall, the kitchen is a high-ceilinged room with five identical tables to the ones in the dining room above. Unlike the room situated above however, heaped around the walls are large quantities of pots and pans. On one end of the room are shelves of plates and utensils, stoves, sinks, and a large brick fireplace.

Here numerous house-elves are working on the castle's next meal when they aren't tending to their other duties as employees of the school. The team of house-elves have specific assignments to accomplish inside the kitchen, whether it is to cook, wash the plates and cutlery, keep the pantry stocked, place more wood into the fire, or set the tables before everything is summoned to its exact replicas overhead. Though the house-elves are incredibly busy, they will surely serve you a snack ... if you aren't asking Algamus. Or you can, of course, make your own food. Just don't leave a mess behind!

OOC: Please do not role-play for the House-Elves.