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Thankfully the shopkeeper was quick on his feet and with his own wand, taking care of the trouble she caused without too much damage. “Sorry…” Nadia replied apologetically, looking a tad sheepish at her drama. As for the wand and whether it was a good fit… “Well, it felt better than the first one…” she remarked truthfully, “I’m not sure of it.” She certainly didn’t want to risk causing a fire every time she used her wand, even if the chance of that happening would diminish by her actually learning how to properly use it and her magic.

“I’d like to try another please,” she admitted, carefully handing back the offensive fire-starter to return to its box. Dy might have lucked out on her second choice, but maybe just maybe for her the third time would be the charm. It would feel better than just settling on a possible match…right?
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