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SPOILER!!: astrocat
Originally Posted by astrocat View Post
Brandon offered the shopkeeper a hesitant smile. The man seemed nice enough. "Hello..." He took the offered wand, keeping an eye on the shopkeeper the whole time. The wand- he didn't like it. It was all wrong, and he didn't like it. But he didn't let go. He gently waved the wand in the air. Nothing. He waved it again, with his other hand. Nothing at all. "I don't like it. Or it doesn't like me. It's-" He shook his head, hastily but properly setting the wand back in the box and wiping his hand off on his jeans when he thought the shopkeeper wouldn't notice. "I'msorry," he mumbled, shifting back behind his sister. He didn't mean to be difficult or say bad things about wands or... or... heHadn'tMeantToBeDifficult.

"Not to worry," said Zeke, distinctly unruffled as he set the wand aside. Once they were done here it would be cleaned and polished and returned to the shelves ready for the next potential match to try it out.

Such a range of children passed through this shop that he was quite used to the anxious, easily upset types, just as he was accustomed to the eager and the enthusiastic, the stoic, the irritable, and so on. As such, he made no comment, though softened his voice and smile somewhat. "That's why we have options. If every wand and magical individual liked each other, my measuring tape would be out of a job."

He picked out another box from his small collection, and offered the contents of that instead. "Let's see if you fare any better with this one."

SPOILER!!: Uncle Moose
Originally Posted by Uncle Moose View Post
It wasn't gonna tickle him anymore was it? Ewy learned his lesson. He supposed that to get the right wand he would need to let it even get his belly correct. The eleven-year-old stood at attention when a man approached him. "H-hello there to you too." He chirped back.

Was he supposed to follow the man as he picked a few of those boxes? Wait...was he getting all of those? He looked at the open box in front of him and at the wand in it, but his eyes kept going back to the other boxes. "I only need one." He said calmly, as he took the wand from its box and looked at it and inspecting it's design. Maybe the shopkeeper was new to the job or something.

Ewy did what he was instructed to do. He swung his one arm from one end to the other gripping the wand tightly. But nothing happened. Huh. "I think it's defective, sir." He placed the wand back into the box himself. "Hope they all don't do nothing." If he was going to be getting all those wands he brought over Ewy hoped one would at least work.

"You do indeed," Zeke said with a nod. "But it may take a couple of tries to find the perfect combination."

As was illustrated only moments later. Zeke gave a small chuckle, replaced the lid of the box, and set it aside. "As a matter of fact, they all don't do nothing. That is to say, they all do something, for the right match." Considering the others, he pulled out another box, took the lid off, and offered that wand next. "Give this one a try, see if you get along with each other."

SPOILER!!: Granger Danger
Originally Posted by Granger Danger View Post
"Hello there sir." Her voice was a bit shy but at his kind voice and friendly smile she let out a small smile. Nodding she took the wand and gave it a wave. Jumping as the wand made like spluttering like noises, it felt weird in her hands like it was too big for her little hand. " I don't think this one is the one, feels too big and I don't think it likes me." Biting her lip she looked up at him. "I think the spluttering is telling me I'm not a good fit for it, but I could be wrong."

She felt kinda embarrassed by it, but she probably wasn't the only one who didn't get their perfect wand on the first time. Besides, as they always say perfection isn't made it's given or something like that. "It's a pretty wand, but it's not meant for me I'm sorry sir."

"I think you're probably right," Zeke said, nodding in agreement. "No need to apologise at all. It's much better than we find you the right match, no? Hopefully that one will be a pretty one too."

Which... well, Zeke thought they all held merit in that area, in one way or another. Then again, he did have his favourite woods too, it was only natural.

"Let's try another, shall we?" he said, picking up box number two, thoughtfully considered the wand inside, then offered that to his young customer. "Maybe this one."

SPOILER!!: Waddles
Originally Posted by Waddles View Post
Sophia was glad the wand man was nice. The girl she'd spoken to outside had been right, it was intimidating once you were really in here. What if a wand didn't like you and made such a complete mess that you just got sent away?! Still, the prospect of having her very own wand led to more excitement than nerves, and the shopkeeper's friendliness only helped.

"Right, erm, yes, thank you," she said as he explained how to 'test' a wand, wanting to be polite and stumbling a bit over all the possible ways to do so. Without hesitation, she lifted the wand from its box and stared at it in her hand for a moment. It didn't feel as fragile as she thought it would, but not because it felt heavy, just sort of...confident in itself. It was certainly easier to hold than a pencil or a quill, but she supposed wands would be. Most people didn't wave their pencils around all day. You wouldn't need to worry about a pencil flying out of your hand if momentum overpowered your grip.

Just give it a wave, he'd said. Sophia swiiished the wand from right to left. The wand let off a trail of gold stars. Wide-eyed, she looked back at the man who was helping her. "That's... good, right?" She hoped so. She liked the stars.

Delightful. Absolutely delightful. Always something of a personal triumph to match his customers on the first try, but it was more than that. It was the reaction to the match, and even to picking up the right wand for the first time.

"That's very good, yes. Unless I am very much mistaken, you've found a match. This wand has chosen you." Exciting, right? Yes. It was. And now, his speec-... explanation.

"This is eleven inches and two thirds of delicate aspen, with a billywig sting core. The core makes for an undoubtedly dependable wand, excellent for charms work, and charms concerned with propulsion or lift in particular. You should master the wand relatively quickly." As he spoke, Zeke set the other wand boxes to the side, so that he could easily return them to the shelves when they were done here, and prepared to ring up the wand itself. A rather distinct looking wand too - not many wand woods were so light in hue as this one. "Aspen is also excellent for Charms, and for duelling too. It's often said that the owner of an aspen wand is attracted to revolutionaries, and also to a notable duellist or an individual destined to be one. The Silver Spears apparently used to only accept duellists with aspen wands." But he was going to get off that subject before he went off on a tangent. Zeke did enjoy the history of wands. Naturally. "Aspen also helps to direct focus."

Now then, he supposed that was plenty to be getting on with. "The wand by itself is 10 galleons, plus anything else you might like today."


[11⅔ inch delicate aspen with billywig sting]

SPOILER!!: FearlessLeader19
Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post
Just look at her sister having jokes over there. Well, it was funny and clearly Nads took after dad Adi in terms of being humorous. Dy simply made a comical face in return then shot Nads a grin. They would continue this later as there were pressing matters to iron out. “I think I would like that, Mister! Thanks a bunch!’’ The offer to hang around a bit more would definitely be taken up, if Papa Benny didn’t mind, that was.

“I blame the Nargles,’’ the older twin piped up, still somewhat shaken up by her experience. “I blame them enough for both you and I, Nads.” Even if nothing untoward had happened with her sister and that wand. Was the nice shopkeeper… mad? Surely he wasn’t? Dy figured that there were much worse calamities that went on in here. Still, when Mister Shopkeeper opened the first eye, he would see her squinting apprehensively at him.

By the time he had the second open and was offering her another wand, Dy felt one hundred percent better. Relaxing, the next wand was taken. Immediately, the differences between this and the first were noticed. Firstly, the handle felt familiar, as though she were holding the hand of a close friend. Secondly, the wand put her to ease and seemed to boost her confidence. When it was waved, yellowish/gold bubbles erupted. “I like this one!’’ Her gaze was fastened on the bubbles which were lazily floating towards Mr. Shopkeep’s face.

Nargles? ... Sure. It was the nargles. But just as long as said nargles were not in here chewing up Zeke's precious wands, he'd leave them well enough alone.

What were nargles, anyway? ... Anyway.

In any case, they definitely had more success with the second try. Zeke beamed at his young customer, leaning oh-so-casually out of the way as the bubbles drifted closer to his face. Matrix style (though perhaps not nearly as impressive).

"Clearly, it likes you too. Congratulations, your wand has chosen you." Zeke cleared his throat then, and - slow mo swerving one last gold bubble - launched into his spiel. "This wand is ten and a half inches of flexible spruce, with a billywig sting core. It's a wood that requires a firm hand in casting magic, as it gets ideas above its station at times, starts to think it knows better than the caster - but the fact that it's chosen you tells me that you're up to the task. Once you've mastered this wand, it will be exceptionally loyal to you. It is excellent for conjuration and creature magic, and not suitable for the dark arts." Not that he was making any assumptions or insinuations either way, of course. It simply served to state the facts. "The billywig core makes for a very dependable and reliable wand - though one that doesn't really like stealthy spells all that much, so anything in that area might require a little extra work to master."

And that, as they said, was that. Or, well... no it wasn't, but he had to stop there or they'd be here all day. "That's 10 galleons for the wand by itself, plus anything else you might like to buy today." Then again, perhaps these two would be paying together, once they were both fitted with their wands.


[10½ inch flexible spruce with billywig sting]

SPOILER!!: Lissy Longbottom
Originally Posted by Lissy Longbottom View Post
Ok, this was it - time to get the wand selection done and out of the way. Nancy had no idea WHY she was putting so much thought into this. It seemed unnecessary to freak out this much. What was the wand going to do? Tell her she was a squib? That was obviously not the case, as she'd had numerous incidents growing up here and there that indicated she was magical, just like most magical children her age.

For some reason this whole wand thing was just so daunting. This wand was going to be her partner in magic for the REST OF HER LIFE.

Or until she broke it.


Walking in and waiting her turn in line, she practiced her measured breathing that she'd been taught to help her remain focused and calm. Once she approached the counter she was feeling a little bit better, but still understandably nervous. She walked up and smiled at the shopkeeper. "Hello. Hi. I'm here for a wand," she said, immediately regretting her words. OF COURSE she was here for a wand! Why wouldn't she be?!

Next up was-... ah! This young customer. Zeke smiled genially down at her. "Wonderful. You're in the perfect place." He went ahead and grabbed his parchment, loaded with the measurements of the day, and consulted the right ones before smiling at the girl again. "Excellent. Back in just a moment."

He stepped away to collect the appropriate wand choices, and then was, indeed, back again, though it was closer to a minute than a moment. "Now then, do you know what to do?" he asked, opening up one box and holding it inside its own lid for the moment, then offering the wand inside to the customer. "Just take it and give it a wave, and we'll see what happens. Tell me if it feels right, or if you'd like to try another."

SPOILER!!: Holmesian Feline
Originally Posted by Holmesian Feline View Post
Nadia chuckled at the face Dy pulled. “Right…we’re blaming the Nargles,” she agreed, shaking her head to bring her attention back to the shopkeeper. The man having another wand for her to try, one she hoped she had better luck with. Even with Nargles interfering or not. The first year reached for the offered wood, feeling a little better as she moved it around in her grasp. Did that mean it was the one? She kept an open mind knowing there was only one way to find out, at least it seemed that way to the girl.

To give it a wave. Which she did and it responded this time though not exactly how she might have wanted it to. Her actions caused a flash of flames to hit the nearby counter that the boxes had been resting on. “Ooops.” The shopkeeper had a way to control that….right?

Second time's a charm? Zeke certainly hoped so, though less for his own sake and more because he found that most of his customers tended to worry when their wand matches were not immediate. It was a worry he understood perfectly, but always hoped to avoid. He-...



With the reflexes of a man whose livelihood was the thousands of wooden instruments around him, Zeke immediately scooped up the wand boxes at the same time as drawing his own wand, and doused the flames with a wordless little flick. Whew. Fire. Always terrifying. To the extent that almost everything out on the shop floor was as flame proof as he could get it without causing detriment to the product, but all the same.

And yet still he smiled, rubbing a thumb over the scorchmarks on the counter and setting a mental reminder to see to that later, before looking at the customer. "Well, I think it's safe to say this wand will perform for you, but does it feel like the right match to you?" Zeke couldn't always tell when the effects produced were of a more... destructive nature. In some it indicated a perfect match, and in others an overpowered wand, so it usually served to check in with them. "Or would you like to try another?"
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