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Scene 1: A Birthday Surprise

Paton Household, Hogsmeade
July 26, 2109

Summer is well underway. Between going to work or completing chores, caring for an array of creatures, and attending camp or lessons, everyone has been as busy as a bee. Today is another hectic day, though there is a different kind of buzz in the air. Various members of the Paton family are ... up to something.

Franklin Paton (Zoe)
Hadleigh Paton (Kolyander)
Nova Paton (FearlessLeader19)
Melody Paton (SilverTiger)
Logan Paton (Zoe)
Bryony Paton (Kolyander)
Frankie was sure that Hadleigh was already suspecting that something was up. In fact, he knew that she knew something was up. It was her birthday after all, so it was only natural to assume. There were, of course, other clues, such as him taking the entire day off, treating her to her favorite restaurant, and meandering through a couple of shops. But there was something in the works that he hoped she wasn't expecting. The kids so far had kept the secret under lock and key, and now it was on them to pull through.

"Kids, we're home!" he announced, louder than he really needed to, the moment they walked through the door. Consider it a cue to stop the shouting that was likely happening so they could quickly get into position.

He hoped their little excursion together had given the kids enough time to do what they had talked about. They already were getting some points for not burning the house down while they were away.

Logan was tired of decorating. Actually, he was tired of being the one responsible for hanging up all of the party streamers. Just because he had grown a bunch did not mean he was now all of a sudden more qualified for such a task. Why couldn't he have been in charge of wrapping their mum's presents? It would have been a messy job on his part, but 100% easier than hanging stuff from the ceiling and on the walls.

"I need more spellotape," he mumbled to no one in particular, awkwardly standing on a stool with an arm stretched out as far as it could go. The other hand was open, waiting for a strip he could use to stick the last of the streamers to the wall.

Then he heard the sound of his father's voice. "Spellotape. Now," he hissed. Their parents would be walking in any moment now.

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