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Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post

A few good things had come from her extended stay in Atlantis. Okay, more than a FEW good things but she was still trying not to appear too giddy about the whole ordeal since so many around her kept throwing out buzz words like 'victim' and 'prisoner' where she felt like neither. It was, perhaps, the minority opinion regarding the whole mernapping incident...but she had felt utterly restless ever since her return above sea level.

But, speaking of good things, Gabriel had been one of those and was one of the reasons her sanity had been kept. Which meant, naturally, she was delighted to grab a coffee with him - though it was still surreal to see him sans the eerie blue-green filter of the sea. She was, as always, putting in entirely too many hours at the Ministry but there was no rest for an aspiring Wizengamot. The Minister had even smiled and waved at her the other day while she was delivering some paperwork from Magical Cooperation - she was going places. No, she would not be accepting reminders that the Minister was an incredibly personable man and smiled at everyone.

"Gabriel," she greeted, rolling the 'r' unnecessarily and spiritedly as she went in for a hug. "Oh? Is that a grande, quad, nonfat, one-pump, no-whip, mocha?"

Her tone may not reflect so, but she WAS being facetious.
It was excellent timing on Joana's part to arrive at the same time as their beverages. "Oi, Joana," he said, embracing her. He returned to his seat and made a show of checking the two drinks. "It is, but I'm afraid it's for me," he joked, passing it to her.

"How are you?" he added as he relaxed and took a sip of his own beverage (not a grande, quad anything, though technically it was no-whip). He hadn't spoken with her as often as he'd have liked since they'd been back at work, but he had been rather busy trying to catch up with everything. Presumably, so had she.
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