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As if Jude wasn’t used to Evan’s hair by now. Also, bestie did look so cute with messy hair. With regard to Davet, yes, he knew that Davet missed him a lot. It was heavily stressed in their correspondences from both the other boy and Jude himself. “He does,’’ the Hufflepuff replied cautiously. “I miss him a great deal too but I’ll manage to divide my time between you two, I promise.” And his cousins and his sisters and brother and his parents. It was of utmost importance to him to spend time with the relationships he held close to his heart. “Rea’s quite looking forward to going on tour with Ko and the band! I think it’ll do her well. I sort of feel guilty that she’s putting off WADA while she waits for me to graduate so we can attend together though.” Jude tilted his head questioningly. “You two okay? I mean, she hasn't been mean to you again, has she?

“Those sound like perfect plans, Ash! Good luck with Apparition!” Jude was quite thrilled to acquire his own license when the time came. “I hope we can meet up at some point when you’re not busy. It doesn’t have to be this summer but at some other point.” Jude was still touched that he had gotten a present from her.
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