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SLEEPING? What?! No, Javier had definitely NOT fallen asleep. He'd been resting his eyes, of course! That was definitely NOT a soft snore coming from the man...

Naturally, he was just a LITTLE startled as Tapio sat down next to him, breaking him out of his nap little trance as he began to ask about summer plans. Right, summer. He cleared his throat and sat up, nodding at the Herbology professor with a small smile.

"Yeah, yeah, she's staying close to home though. Heading to university in London," he explained. So at least Cami wouldn't be too far away. She'd be able to come home any time she wanted if it got too stressful for her. Sadly, he'd be at Hogwarts most of the time - and hopefully when he came back for breaks, he wouldn't find his flat completely trashed from any weekend visits she'd make to the place. "Other than that though, not much else going on. What about you?" he asked.

Oh, Merlin, it was time for the speech already. He sat back, taking a sip of his water goblet as he listened to Kamran give his speech. He'd already heard about the impending resignation, of course, but it still made him sad to hear that he was leaving. It was never fun to see a colleague leave - especially one that Javier felt a good deal of respect for. He'd done a great job as Headmaster, especially considering all the curveballs he'd been thrown.
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