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~ Mrs. Steve Harrington ~ It be like that sometimes.

It was so clear that Christopher cared for his nephew deeply. This was something Rea had recognised the first time she saw the two together but it wasn’t until now that she really let the fact sink in. Like… REALLY sink in. The way Christopher kept his gaze on Isaac spoke volumes. It was heartwarming, and Rea being an older sister to Jude and Keigh could understand fully the nature in which it took to care for someone that special.


WHAT was happening?

She was smiling, he was smiling… they were smiling at each other. Had the world gone MAD?

Reagan blinked but kept the friendliness chat going. Okay, so Christopher knew she had graduated now, which was more than likely that Ko had told him. “It’s not that busy at the moment,’’ Rea responded, tapping the unicorn against her book. “Taking it easy is exactly what I plan on doing. Ko’s invited me to go on tour with him and the band as I’m taking the next year off. Did he tell you about that?” Honestly, Rea wouldn’t mind if Ko had, and this came as another surprise to her.
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