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"I wanted to. You're welcome. It's got a card and everything," Ash murmured to Raj. They all ought to get used to her presents... she was very rich, and she liked to give people presents when she was sad. So... presents. "What does it look like? I'm giving you a goodbye gift, silly." And she put lots of thought into her Evan present because he was her best friend. She owed him more than could ever be made up, but presents were a good start. And of COURSE she'd gotten Jude a present, because he'd always been so nice to her and he'd given her that pretty bracelet.

"This summer, I'm going to get my apparition license. I'm going to move out. And I'm going to see my friends," she explained to nobody in particular. There were plenty of other things she had to do to, but she didn't feel like talking much. Not until she'd thought a lot.
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