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Norman’s bluish-green eyes swept the staff dais as he approached, taking in Madigan with his newspaper and Hernandez… was he napping? Whatever was going on, Norman thought it best not to disturb his otherwise occupied colleagues so he kept his voice down as he greeted, “Good evening, everyone.” Each person got a polite nod of acknowledgement as he made his way to his seat at the far end of the table.

As he did so, he caught the tail end of Devries’s question. He might chime in with his own admittedly uneventful summer plans if asked. For now, he kept quiet, only half listening to the conversations going on around him as his eyes flicked toward the Ravenclaw table. His thoughts were elsewhere.

Usually when the end-of-term feast rolled around, Norman felt a sense of pride in his students and colleagues making it to the end of another chaotic year at Hogwarts. That pride was still there, but there were other emotions nagging at him. Granted he was not the type for sappy goodbyes (or really, anything sappy at all), but something about this graduating class… it hit harder than most. As he looked away in search of a distraction, he saw Nam at the memory book. Yes, he caught that incline of the head, and he returned it with one of his own.
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