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~ Mrs. Steve Harrington ~ It be like that sometimes.

Jude was in a very good mood, despite the fact he missed those butterfly pals of his. He was so sure that he would be unable to pass one in general without stopping to admire it. Ah well. But that cheerful mood of his was something he hoped would rub off on Evan. He couldn’t stand to see the bestie looking so down in the dumps. “Anyone could spot that head of hair of yours, actually,’’ Jude stated and reached up to give Evan’s hair a bit of ruffle. He was grinning broadly, having recognised Evan’s attempt to not be caught too much in a sad/worried mood. There wasn’t any hope on the Hufflepuff’s part that Evan would want to stick around on land longer than necessary so there was surprise on his part when his offer was actually considered. “I really doubt that Dav would feel that way. You know how laid back he is.” That was one of Davet’s best traits. “I think he’d understand that I wouldn’t be seeing you for a while, anyway.” And now he would just ignore that familiar sense of panic in the pit of his stomach; he needed to focus on that talk he and Evan had had at the Willow.

“Spending lots more time with dragons and hippogriffs this summer then, Raj?’’ Jude was still in awe of his fellow sixth year’s Gobstone-playing father; the man had taught him quite a lot even though Jude hadn’t planned on going pro. The guy was quite surprised to find an object sitting before him quite unexpectedly. It took him a moment to realise that it was Ash’s doing. He hadn’t been expecting it, even if he had given her something a few weeks back but it was awfully kind of her. “Thank you, Ash!’’ Jude remarked. “That’s kind of you.”
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