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Having taken a little longer with his customary sweep of the castle prior to the feast - checking in on students he happened upon who had opted not to attend the feast for whatever reason, but also ensuring no one was capitalising on the fact it was the last day of term and were therefore up to no good - Kamran joined the rest of his colleagues at the staff dais.

It felt good - so, so good - to walk without jingling once more, and to enter a room without being announced by his own personal fanfare. These days were more sweet than bitter for that reason alone.

"Evening all," Kamran said, rather bracingly, taking up his place at the centre of the table, though he would not be seated for long. He checked his watch, and looked out over the students. "I'll give them a few more minutes, I think."

Were they talking summer plans? Kamran might have chimed in here too, were it not for the fact that his immediate plans were not hugely exciting. A fair amount of admin work awaited him in his immediate future, and then he might even consider relaxing.
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