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The cheerful tone of his best friend got a small smile from Evan, as he also nodded towards Jude, scooting a bit in case he wanted to sit for a moment before he had to make his way back to Hufflepuff table. "And hear I thought growth spurts had finally made me easier to spot." he attempted to tease, trying to at least appear less melancholic. The offer was tempting, and considered it for a moment before giving a small nod. "Maybe. Though I imagine if I did at the start your boyfriend might be grumpy." Maybe not, considering how chill the no-maj boy seemed to be based on his limited interactions. But also... Jude was a fun person to be around, and he imagined that Davet was missing the company. So if he hung out more... Maybe middle or end of summer would be better.

Suddenly there was a gift in front of him, and Evan looked at it before blinking and looking towards the giver and giving a small smile. "What's this?" Clearly it was Ash and her endless generosity. Which was making him feel a bit silly for but having considered before to prepare something for her and maybe some of the other seventh years.

Though... He was trying to treat graduation as a good bye to the building. But just a ... "see you later" to his peers.

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