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And Evan…how had he forgotten Evan, the other Narn, had also faced his NEWTs and would be leaving for the adult world. But Rajesh remembered when the older Ravenclaw appeared at the table looking more than a little out of sorts. And not because he no longer had to worry about turning into an alpaca. Raj returned the nod with one of his own not sure of what to say in the situation, saved as Evan’s best friend appeared to show his support. "Hey," he said, echoing the greeting.

And then Ash appeared, dropping a wrapped gift in front of him as well as the others before sitting down with them. “Aww you didn’t have to,” Raj remarked, certainly not expecting anything from his fellow eagle. Though he had to admit he had enjoyed some of the times they had run into together. Before their powers both got out of control. “But thank you all the same.”
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