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It always happened. One moment youíre feeling like the year is dragging at one point or another and the next itís all over. And as this term had wound down, Rajesh was more than a touch glad that he hadnít had any important exams to study and sit for. His time had been complicated enough then having to study like he had the previous year. Alas Lisa and Ash hadnít been so lucky, thoughts of the latter reminding him that she would be leaving tomorrow morning for the last time. That had to be rough to be going though, knowing heíd have to brace himself for that next year.

Entering the Great Hall, Raj could see there were already a fair share of people, both staff and students there at the various tables. No familiar faces at the Ravenclaw just yet. He made his way to the middle of the Ravenclaw benches and took a seat to observe the goings on until the feast began in earnest.
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