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Okay so Professor Hernandez happened to have both the avocado and the crocodile heart, the odder of the ingredients. And it seemed that at least for now they were going along with what Peeves was spouting. So Rajesh was going to go right along with it, until it rand the risk of harming rather than helping. They didn’t need to make things worse than they already were.

When the professor yelled out instructions for him and the others to do while he retrieved ingredients, the Ravenclaw was torn. Stirring required being close to the cauldron, a vessel that usually set off his ‘skills’ which made retrieving the unicorn horn the better idea. Except he wasn’t a fan of leaving the younger students to watch over Peeves and make sure the poltergeist didn’t get away or into more mischief. “I can stir, once the unicorn is added,” he volunteered, summoning a stirring stick to be ready to assist. While his attention was over the scene and Peeves.
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