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~ Mrs. Steve Harrington ~ It be like that sometimes.

Aria had only just banked a corner and was prepared to out-soar the dragons when… POOF!!! The images vanished just like that. The goggles were removed and she blinked rapidly. Ohhh! That’s right! She was actually at a VR event and not actually out in the world catching stars! Her brain was a little slow in processing this realisation, leaving her to stare blankly at Escalante for a moment.

When she did fully come back to reality though, the sixth year hopped off her broomstick. As instructed, the goggles were left with the broom. “That was quite the lovely activity, Professor! Thank you for that!’’ Aria called, literally skipping past Escalante. “See you around!’’ With a wave, she was off to the Castle.
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