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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Luther Apollo Starriver
Second Year

Luther could feel the creatures flapping their wings at the tail of his broom, a bead of sweat followed another as he got close as possible to his broom.

Just as the first of the creatures was about to catch him, close enough to feel its shriek, Luther passed through the portal. With his momentum, it took a while for Luther to take in his surroundings.

The most beautiful sunset shone behind the most impressive castle ever. 'After Hogwarts of course.' Luther added mentally. However, as he was wondering if he should go and explore the castle, he heard a mighty roar. Then he saw them.

Two dragons. Small yet still scary.

Luther turned towards the portal hovering above one of the weird columns and he started to accelerate towards it. Despite their size, the dragons were catching up to him.

Then a serenity washed over him. 'This is not real.' he thought and slowed down. As the dragons rushed to him, Luther turned towards them and waited.

One Mississippi. Two Mississippi. Three Mis...

Then nothing. The dragons continued to flap their wings in front of him. "I guess you are not supposed to catch me."Luther spoke as he examined the dragons. Then he tried to pet the snout of one of the dragons, however, it quickly evaded his hand. With a frown, Luther turned towards the portal and rushed to it.

The moment he passed through the portal, no new landscape appeared and he was greeted with the same void. Sighing, Luther pressed the button on the goggle, took them off and started descending. "Thank you, Professor. That was awesome." he said to Professor Escalante.
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