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Ash tilted her head, observing him. "I see." What she didn't understand was how he looked sad- but also said he was enjoying the weather- but he also had his eyes closed so he couldn't enjoy the view...? She supposed that those weren't all mutually exclusive things. But she didn't immediately take his words at face value... to be honest, she rarely took people's words at face value. One thing about Ash was that she always read deeper meanings into things, true or not. "I didn't mean to startle you. No, you're not blocking my view. You- you needn't move from your spot." She scratched her arm, surprised that he knew her name but not that she liked painting. He must have not have seen her much outside of class, because painting was one of her favorite hobbies and she always turned to it when she was in a bad mood(often). "I don't like painting, I love it." And that was true. "I love it more than most things."
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