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Which came first, the phoenix or the flame?

This was Ash's balcony. Not literally- but she always came here to think and be alone. If you were looking for her, it was a great place to check- ever since she'd come to Hogwarts. She thought of it as 'her' spot. That didn't mean she always had it to herself, though.

Today, there was a kid there(she recognized his name and face from lessons). To her, he was very young. That was okay. She quietly began to set up some art supplies- many of them coming from pockets in her summer dress that seemed not to exist and in any case were only made possible by magic. She was going to paint the scenery, the same scenery that the boy... couldn't see with his eyes closed. "Excuse me, Luther," she said softly, not wanting to tap him on the shoulder in case he disliked it. "What are you looking at?" He obviously couldn't see anything around them. So she reasoned that he must be looking at something inside his head, probably something depressing. What could be there that was better than the view?
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