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Rajesh was keeping an eye on the water level of the cauldron so there were no accidents. He stepped back as Professor Hernandez lit the fire under the cauldron but still the water was filling. It was only as he took a couple of more steps back from the cauldron that it stopped just below the curve at the top letting Raj let out a sigh of relief that it had worked out alright. But now Peeves had to continue on with the instructions and the sixth year wasn’t so sure of what the poltergeist was telling them

Crushed unicorn horn and ashwinder eggs he knew to be potions ingredients…but a whole cup of horn?! And crocodile heart and avocado seemed weird if only since he believed them to be more common in the states not anywhere in this portion of the world. The latter is more food related than potions ingredient for sure. Raj looked to Hernandez for his opinion for surely the potions professor would know better.

Were they still being pranked by Peeves?
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