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The dragon landscape had been one of Kennedy’s favorite landscapes. It was breathtaking and his brain refused to believe it wasn’t real. To live in a land like that, it’d be interesting for sure.

Walking up and down the pitch his green eyes observed the way the students swerved and maneuvered the brooms. It filled him with pride of how capable they were. Luther seemed to be pushing on that speed. Kennedy noted Ashley tense. He believed in her and believed she could do it, but if she felt the need to take a break, that was perfectly valid. Keeping her in mind, he kept to his course. Rajesh was utilizing maneuvers along with speed. Despite not being inside the game with them, Kennedy could tell he was doing his greatest. His attention was drawn away when he heard Aria. Ha. Same, Aria, same. That was Kennedy’s response when he first tested out the game.

Glancing at his watch, he noticed it was almost time for the activity to end. If he was correct, the students would be nearing the final landscape…

Originally Posted by Final Landscape
At once when you enter through the portal, a warm orange light engulfs you; a beautiful sunset greets you. What is this land? It looks straight out of a fairytale. The castle over the village gleams on the other side of the forest. At the top of the highest tower a golden star twinkles, inviting you forward.

It’s so peaceful. What’s the catch?

Thus far it seems this landscape will be a breeze.

Was that a figure of speech or…was that an actual breeze?

You soon find out it was real. A dark shadow crosses over the hill you hover on. Then another. It was when they roared that they gave away their form. Two young dragons about five feet tall each. Not fully matured, but could very well fly. They look hungry. Did you bring a snack? No? Maybe…maybe you should flyyyyy!

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