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They didn’t succeed in the swarming but that didn’t mean they were going to stop trying. Rajesh was quick to learn that so he furthered his evasive movements around both the creatures and whatever obstacles the actual stone surfaces of the cave presented to him as he moved from side to side and up and down on his broom like he was actually flying. It was only when he noticed the glowing star off in the distance after one particular turn that he remembered what the whole point of the experiment was and flew right towards it.

And so did the butterfly-winged creatures he really wanted to find out more about.

If they were actually real in the real world in the first place. But for now he was diving….pulling up just before the river, the maneuver causing a few of his pursuers to fall for the trick into the water. That made it a little easier to continue his way towards the star but it was close. So…very…close. Until finally he grasped the star and was rewarded by the next portal to the new environment. Thankfully only a few feet away so it wasn’t another race to avoid his creature companions.

Soon enough he was through the swirl of blue and found himself hovering above a lake it seemed. Though his attention was quickly grabbed by the two stone dragon pillars that flanked him. WOW! They were gorgeous and something he kinda wished he could share with his Papa with his love of all things dragons. He’d just have to do his best to remember the details or maybe share the memory via pensieve when returning home for the term.

However, before he could think more on the matter his gaze was pulled upwards by the sound of another batch of flying creatures. After the experience in the cave Rajesh was more cautious about approaching but soon enough he was noticed without any further movement. Uh oh. It seemed he was in for another race! Running from creatures he’d rather study and interact with was hardly something he liked doing but he wasn’t thinking he had any choice as he took off once more away from his pursuers.
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