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Flying experience…check.
Immersive experience...check

Together in one activity…that hadn’t happened before and Rajesh wasn’t sure of the experience. He listened intently as Professor Escalante described what would be going on and happening, at least relieved that the brooms would actually be staying in one rough location instead of moving along with what you would think you would be doing in the Virtual Reality atmosphere. A little less risk of danger while having run in the unreal world they would supposedly be seeing with the help of the headset.

He didn’t have any questions at the moment though he figured that might all change after. So he moved to retrieve one of the headset and settled in a spot not currently occupied with another student, mounting one of the hovering brooms. At the moment it is not the most exciting activity, not when the normal flying class was more fun. But putting on the headset and pressing the button as directed changed all that when he was greeted by the first virtual environment.

Cue dark cave, not too unlike one they had near the reserve though perhaps quite a bit larger. Rajesh took in the surroundings complete with the glowing river that flowed beneath him and the stalactites hanging from above. He guided the broom to ‘move’ to slowly fly among them, freezing when he noticed the blink.

Had he awoken a creature?

Something he didn’t readily recognize as two of the closer ones took to flight once alerted to his presence. His curiosity got the better of him as he tentatively flew closer trying to wrack his brain. What were they? And were they a danger to him? The clicking of their wings brought him back to the latter thought. “Nice creatures…” he mused softly as he gingerly pulled backwards on the broom. If only he could clearly tell them that he really meant no harm, but it didn’t seem he was going to get that opportunity as he had to dive instead as the first two were joined by others and decided to try and swarm him.
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