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Which came first, the phoenix or the flame?

This activity seemed simple enough to Ash... and out of the two virtual reality experiences she'd had at hogwarts, this was infinitely preferable to setting a muggle kid's house on fire. She hopped on her broom with her headset and began the game.

First, she was in a cave... oh, it was entrancing. Ash was mesmerized by the water and the glow of the stalactites. She made no effort to go anywhere, simply hovering in the air and staring into her reflection in the water. That was until the stalactites turned into butterflies. Don't get her wrong, Ash loved butterflies and butterflies loved Ash, but this wasn't the same. And she did NOT like that sound. Mildly frightened, Ash followed the river and zoomed away from the creatures. She was going so fast, she nearly missed the star, but she did end up getting to it before the creatures could get her. She quickly flew through the portal, and was peaceful again.

Again, Ash was distracted by the beauty of her surroundings. This place was breathtaking. Water. Colossal dragon statues. She felt really small. She curiously explored the place, barely noticing anything else happening until a nearby group of creatures cried out. It caused Ash to shriek and tense in real life, startled by the noise. And then it was like the creatures saw her, and they were chasing her, and... she tensed in real life. She flew away from them, weaving, searching for a star. She half wanted to turn off the game, but then she'd look weak- and the star was in sight. She just needed to make it to her portal. Then it'd be fine, she thought.
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