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Jude paused to think the statement over. “I’ve never heard that but it does make sense, I suppose. Sometimes you never know which of your friends are friends with someone else you know.” It sounded complicated but simple enough to understand once thought about. Sweden certainly sounded like Keigh had described, which she had clearly heard about from Charlie. Jude believed Charlie had actually sent her some pictures too. “I think I prefer swimming! But hiking would definitely be a great way to see more of the place!’’ Luther was so nice for making that offer! “I would love that! Now I'm mentally putting swimming and hiking in Sweden on my bucket list.”

Jude grinned. “No need to thank me, really!” He meant that. He also didn’t want to speculate how long ago Luther’s great grandparents had been youngsters. “Listening to music you like at full volume is quite relaxing, and believe me. I get why you’d do that.’’ There was a soft laugh from him. “You know, I really think that he enjoys it too. I mean, I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s using the music to relax too.” Music was such a healer! Jude absently punched a few keys of the piano once more before standing up. “I’ll let you get back to your practice now. Don’t forget what I said about your hands.”

A sincere smile grew on Luther's face hearing Jude agreeing on visiting Sweden. "Let me know if you have the chance to visit this summer." said Luther hoping he was not being too insistent.

Luther nodded. It really seemed like Jude knew the sentiment that Luther wanted to convey. 'A kindred spirit, the old people name this, I guess.' thought Luther. Then he said "Ok, ok. I will see Healer Mancini. I don't trust Peeves either, to be honest.", he paused for a second and continued "And it was really a pleasure to meet you, Jude."
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