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Did Tadhg really want to stay behind and babysit Peeves making sure he didn't escape? Of course not, but they had to get this potion done and brewed, he was sure along with the others were tired of these 'gifts' Peeves gave them. Trailing along he kept his eyes on Peeves, although he didn't know if anyone knew he was there but he was surely there for sure. Making sure he wasn't up to anymore chaos around the castle, to his surprise Peeves was actually somewhat good? Yeah... it shocked him too, knowing how he was always up to no good.

Watching Peeves he moved closer to Professor Hernandez and them watching carefully over everything. "Um Professor sir, how are you sure we can trust him? I mean after all this?" Tadhg muttered. He was still invisible but his wand still out so people knew he was there. He wanted this to work, he didn't want to be like this anymore he was tired of it.
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