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~ Mrs. Steve Harrington ~ It be like that sometimes.

Grabbing the scone was not going to be a piece of scone after all.

Despite Escalanteís vague explanation about the hurdles they might face, Aria had been quite confident in her ability to secure the star. As it was, she was now busy facing off her first obstacles. These things were definitely not stalactites. Flying closer she realised they were shaped oddly. Aria slowed down, wanting to approach cautiously. She was right to, wasnít she?

Before she knew it, the creatures had wings. WHAAAAT?! Also, what was that clicking sound? Teeth?! Pincers?! This Slytherinís heart was thudding with such a force that she knew it was a bad idea to stick around to find out exactly what they were. She turned and bolted in another direction - a direction that would take her from these creatures and safely {she hoped} to that star. Were those creatures following her? Aria kept glancing over her shoulder to make sure they werenít.
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